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Rose hips, otherwise known as the rose haw or the fruit of rose plants, are an edible seedpod with healing properties. They’re especially good for soothing stomach irritation and ulcers, and are also helpful for kidney disorders due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Need a natural medicine to prevent cold and flu? Try one cup (127 g) of rose hips, which contains nine times as much Vitamin C as one cup (180 g) of orange slices, for an immunity boost. On top of that, rose hips are filled with the antioxidant lycopene, which means they remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents from the body.

Typically ripe in late summer through autumn, rose hips can be harvested for jam and tea, or even syrup, soup, applesauce, and nut bread. Most herb stores (and online stores like Amazon and Bulk Apothacary) carry rose hips for less than five dollars per pound. If you’re in Minneapolis, try these unusual combinations:

Caspian Bistro and Marketplace, Faloodeh Shirazi, sweet rosewater frappe with rice noodles served with tart cherry syrup and lemon juice.

Verdant Tea Tasting Room, Alice Labyrinth Cocktail, Cremant de Loire Brut, Solveig Gin, house rose syrup, aleoswood, blue lotus or Hibiscus Berry Rose herbal tea.

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