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Overall: B+


Service: 4/5 The staff doesn’t have a strong presence, but is that necessarily a bad thing? If you want delicious, well-priced food and drink with table-side service in a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll fit right in at Church. But don’t expect someone to sweep the crumbs off of your table or remember to bring that extra soy-citrus dipping sauce.

Food: 4.5/5 Newly appointed Chef de Cuisine John Rush creatively combines simple comfort food with seasonal New England ingredients. The result? Local Angus Beef Burgers on Black Pepper Brioche with Vermont Cheddar, Grilled Bacon and Bread-Butter Pickles; Homemade Butternut Squash Tortellini with Scotch-Browned Butter, Kale and Parmesan; and Peppercorn Tagliatelle with Littleneck Clams, Smoked Bacon, Leeks and BBC Pale Ale. The dinner menu, which accommodates both carnivores and vegetarians, is broken up into six main sections: Sliders, From the Garden, Grilled Flatbread, From the Sea, From the Farm and Desserts. It celebrates an eclectic array of wholesome, fresh ingredients that Chef John Rush transforms into elevated classics. The same goes for the brunch menu: French Style Omelet, Buttermilk Flapjacks, Steak and Eggs, Heirloom Tomato Panzanella and Classic B.L.T. The deliciously filling food isn’t the only reason to come to Church. Here, it’s all about the wide-range of reasonably priced booze!

Atmosphere: 4.5/5 Being connected to a music club gives this lounge-gone-dining room an unexpected edge. Local art, dripping candelabras and leather sofas decorate the modern gothic interior. It’s a great option when you’re searching for solace in relaxation (i.e. you need a cocktail). Church features two ironic and creative drink themes: the Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. My favorite, “Vanity,” is inspired by Sofia Lauren and made with a blend of Absolute Ruby Red and freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice. The delicate yet bold concoction isn’t the only palate pleaser. There’s also “Conquest,” a mix of dark, bourbon aged Sauza tequila, rhubarb, agave and a hint of strawberry. Then there’s “Gluttony,” made with rum, bananas, Thai coconut milk and mint chocolate. All handcrafted cocktails are $10.00. Assorted liquors (Scotch, Brandy, Tequila, American Whiskey, Port) range from $7.00-$150. Beers cost $6.00-$7.00. And you can get a good bottle of wine for $26.00.

Price: 5/5 ($$) Where else can you indulge on any dinner item for under $22.00? Sides average $5.00, fish and meat are priced around $20.00 and everything else is $10.00 or less. Although this spot will tweak menu items to accommodate some, it isn’t the best for vegans, raw foodies and macrobiotic dieters, who would end up creating their order from scratch. The food is locally sourced and it’s hard to beat a varied wine list with such affordable prices. If you like a medium bodied Merlot, try a bottle of the Casillero del Diablo, Chile 2010 for $28.00. The Sauvignon Blanc from Domaine Fournier, France 2010 is crisp, light and reasonably priced at $26.00. Overall, you get your money’s worth here.

Accessibility: 4.5/5 Located near Fenway on the corner of Kilmarnock and Queensberry Street, Church accommodates street parking, albeit no valet, and is within ten feet of the bus stop (check MBTA website for bus schedule).


-Grilled Pork Porterhouse {crispy polenta fries, sautéed broccoli rabe, ginger-peach compote}

-Slow Roasted Salmon {bulgur wheat salad, passion fruit vinaigrette, papaya and hearts of palm slaw}

-Baked Mac & Cheese {choose from three options: fontina, truffle; jalapeño jack, chorizo; broccoli, Vermont cheddar}

-Skillet Cornbread {maple butter}

-Fried Artichokes {with lemon aioli}

-Roasted Garlic Hummus {house marinated olive blend, grilled pita bread}

-Pan Fried Perogies {with spring ramp, bacon and pecorino filling with sweet onion relish}

-Trio of Sorbet {seasonal assortment}

-Blondie Sundae {dolce de leche ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, almond praline}

-“Greed” {Hendricks, St. Germain, diced cucumber, white pepper}

-Sam Adams Offering {rotating selection of the Boston original}

69 Kilmarnock Street

Boston, MA 02215


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